Facing Your Fears of Returning to School as an Adult

Education / Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Many adults are now choosing to go back to college. The increase in availability of online programs has also made it easier for working professionals to earn another degree or finish college. Unfortunately, some would be students have not returned to school because of fear.

1. I’m Afraid I will not fit in
Many middle-aged adults fear that they will not fit in with the younger college students. Well, this should not scare you because 40 percent of college students across the United States are above 25 years. If you are still skeptical about attending the classes physically, you can choose to take an online course.

2. I’m Afraid I won’t afford the tuition
Returning to college can be costly; there is no doubt about that. The cost alone is enough to make many working to reconsider their resolution of returning to school. When you view learning as an asset, you will not feel like paying for it is a burden.

3. I’m Afraid I won’t have time to study
It is reasonable for working professionals to fear that enrolling in college will take up much of their time. Working full-time and raising a family is already overwhelming. However, you can still find time to go back to college. All you need to do is set a goal and have unwavering commitment to achieve it. If you are concerned about time, you may take up part-time and online classes.

4. I’m Afraid my employer Will not take my degree seriously
People chose not to go back to school simply because they cannot afford to study in an Ivy League college. They feel that the employers will not be impressed by their newly-acquired education status if they do not attend a recognized institution. However, most organizations now accept degrees from online colleges. Before enrolling you might inquire from your employer if they will recognize the degree.