Three Major Challenges Facing Adult Students

Education / Saturday, July 7th, 2018

If you walk around any college, you will note a significant difference from how the environment was a decade ago. About a third of college scholars are adult learners who are 25 years and older. These outstanding numbers have spiked research and innovation in adult education. A lot of focus has been put into analyzing the challenges that the adult learners face and looking for solutions to serve the growing population. Here are some significant challenges that the learners face.

1. Balancing school and life responsibilities
Any postsecondary student can admit that school demands a lot of attention and commitment. You have to spend time in class, take time to prepare for lessons, do your homework and study for your exams. As an adult learner, you probably have other responsibilities requiring your attention such as family and work.
Many adult learners have to juggle work, school and family responsibilities. If you are working full time, the chances are that you might not have adequate time to focus on your education. Such demands might result in stress and frustration for adult students.

2. Finances
The cost of studying can be a challenge to anyone. Tuition fees, supplies, books among other school-related expenses might drain your funds. Throw in mortgage payments and daycare expenses into the mix, and the cost of continuing Education might become unbearable.
Also, adult learners are not allowed to take a student loan, which makes affording learning more difficult than for a regular student. Besides the cost for training itself, there is potential for loss of income.

3. Accessibility
As mentioned previously, time is a significant challenge for students who are considering going back to school. Bearing in mind that time is a limitation; adult learners are forced to opt for flexible class options. The alternatives might be unsuitable, especially considering that the quality may not be the best.