Three Ways to Successfully Manage Your Time as an Adult Learner

Education / Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Have you ever attempted to cram 24-hours worth of work in six hours? Well this could be you if you don’t manage time properly. Time management is essential to everyone, but for an adult student it determines how successful you will become. If you are working full-time and have a family to care for, these tips will come in handy.

1. Make a schedule and stick to it
Staying organized is one of the ingredients for effective time management. Keep a calendar and track important dates for your school, work and home schedules. Note when your assignments are due and the date for your kid’s school play. Keeping a record of how you spend your time, whether in class, at work or during your study time will help you tell whether you are paying attention on the things that matter the most. Consider creating a to-do list in order of the tasks that are most time-sensitive so that you stay organized.

2. Understand your limits
Know how much you can accomplish, both physically and mentally. That way, you will be able to set achievable goals. Set your priorities in order of the things that are most important to you. It’s also important to know whether you perform best during the morning hours or in the evening hours. Don’t try to be a night owl if you are a morning person. Instead, maximize your most productive hours.

3. Be productive in those little moments
Make use of the little moments in your day such as riding on the bus to work, waiting in line for your coffee or waiting to pick your children from school. The few minutes you spend staring at the ceiling can be productive if you choose to use them wisely. Carry your notebook with you and read few notes during these times. You can also use the brief moments to reflect on the things you learned at school.